Our vision is to create movements that are progressive, hopeful and powerful, to inspire people to act on the most pressing issues of our time.

To make this vision a reality we built a Creative Agency, a Tech Startup and a Political Consultancy – and fused them together.

What fuels us

We see the world as it is – rife with inequality, environmental neglect and elitist politics.

That’s why we are ambitious about change. Now’s the time to be bold. To take on the most entrenched special interests.To bring people together to act.

How we make it happen
  • Creative that cuts through a cynical culture.
  • Campaigns and technology that mobilise millions.
  • Organising communities to challenge the status quo.
Working together

We are a group of creatives, designers, community organisers, campaigners and technologists, based across offices in London and Colombo.

You’ll find us moved by stories of struggle and very impatient for change.

We support and partner with fearless leaders and courageous organisations who want to make a significant difference. To do this, we create strategy and messaging, branding and content, design and digital platforms, films, email marketing and more.

How we’re funded

Small Axe is a non-profit. We earn income by providing services to NGOs, charities, community organisations, the public sector and social businesses. We also enter into joint ventures. And with the help of grants and donations, we launch our own initiatives.

So if you’ve got a project, an idea or a cause that needs championing – drop us a line.